Radical and Bold


Last Thursday, yescaerdydd met to plan the next steps on the journey to Welsh independence.  The mood was upbeat.  We got a lot done, including electing a committee. Everyone was so energised by the end that we agreed to meet again tomorrow (Tuesday 18th October, 7.30pm @indycubetradest) to keep the momentum going.

We spent the evening discussing a number of key questions.  The first was ‘what will the main steps on the way to Welsh independence be?’ and ‘how can we help achieve these steps, what is our role?’

We reached a number of conclusions.  One is that we need to articulate what an independent Wales looks like.  Or rather, we need to create the space and ask the questions that allows Wales to answer this question.  As a movement, and in particular at yescaerdydd, we see our role as posing questions, rather than providing answers.

What would a fair tax country look like? How might a basic income help Wales? How could we do health care differently? What if we rebuilt our education system from scratch, what would that look like, what would we prioritise? What if we valued creativity as much as productivity? What if we measured success in terms of well being instead of just GDP? What if we valued unpaid work as much as paid?

What questions would you pose?

We decided that yescaerdydd will be bold, and radical.  We will take the lid off topics that politicians shy away from, and we won’t be afraid to question any of the assumptions that usually frame political and economic debate.

We agreed that an independent Wales would be a fairer, more equal, resilient place to live. We all felt that independence is a tool, rather than an end it itself, to enable Wales to achieve goals such as well being and happiness.  A community-led approach, rather than a one-size fits all.  The questions that yesabertawe or yesCymruDre might pose, may be different to those we want to ask in Cardiff.

At tomorrow’s meeting we are going to take this discussion further and work up ideas for a few events.  How best to pose these questions and others, and how can we engage as many people as possible in answering them together?

Come along and join in.  There’ll be coffee, and bags of enthusiasm.

Meeting: Tuesday 18th October, 7.30 @indycubetradest



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